Ludwigshafen, BASF Feierabendhaus, first Phase

Redevelopment of upper machinery in auditorium

New installation TTS-EMS IV control system according to SIL 3 IEC 61508

  • 8 pcs. regulated drives for chandeliers, 250kgs capacity, max speed 0.2m/s
  • 4 pcs. regulated flybars, 250kgs capacity, max speed 0.5m/s. The flybar can be exchanged with plugs for sealing the through-holes in the auditorium
  • 2 pcs. regulated speaker hoists, 250kgs capacity, 0.3m/s
  • 12 pcs. regulated chain hoists, 250kgs, 0.16m/s. Unused hoists can be fitted with special plugs for sealing the through-holes in the auditorium.
  • 4 telescopic hoists
    renewal of opening and closing mechanics for existing lightning flaps. Those can now be opened and closed by the new control system. Supported by an UPS, the flaps remain functional in case of power failure. Flaps are incorporated in fire alarm system so they can be opened by priority.
  • 2 drives for chandeliers in the staircase / foyer with puggable cable remote control.
  • Adoption of two podiums from existing system to the new computer controlled system. The previous system with cable remote control remained functional.

Project Photos