Electronic Control System

General Hardware Components

For each control drive, independent of its use as flybar, pointhoist, elevator, turntable or stage wagon, an axis unit is used. The axis units is a redundant system which is responsible for the positioning and monitoring of its drive. It receives the drive instructions and set-values via a databus system from a main control unit.

This, also redundantly designed computer analyzes the instructions from the operating panels and joysticks, computes and directs them to the axis units and monitors and takes control of the dataflow of the system. The main control unit is able to control the upper and lower machinery at the same time. This makes it for example possible to move a stage elevator with an attached hanging pieces synchronously.


Control Desks and Views

The system can be operated by one or several stationary, mobile or wireless control desks. The operator normally uses a touch screen for data input. On the displays it is possible to switch between input and visualisation views of the system.


Topografical Arrangement of the Selection Buttons

By arranging the selection butttons of the drives topografically, it is fast and easy to select drives during rehearsals and scenery setup.

The parametertable gives the user information of the selected drives, drives groups and their indivitual travel parameters in a clearly structured way. The actual positions, targets and limits are visualized on a bar diagram.

Additional views can be implemented for the visualization of the lower machinery (e.g turntables and elevators).


02-de-ui-drives 01-de-ui-topography

Travel Modes & Parameters

The following travel modes are realized:

  • Free travel modes with or without group shutoff
  • Target movement with or without group shutoff
  • Travel- and time-sychronized group movement
  • Ray- and profile movement

Additionally for each individual axis or group selected to a joysitck, parameters like targets, speed, traveltime, ramps, directions and delays are selectable and storeable.


Hanging Piece List & Hanging Plot

The hanging piece list is a database of all existing haning pieces including information about size, weight and storage location. The hanging plot includes the hanging pieces used in the current show and the axis it is attached to. Of course the axis is renamed in all views to the decoration name, in the bargraph view the decoration is shown and all tagets are recalculated according to the length of the hanging piece.


Pictures, Cues & Performances

Any configuration of drives, elevators or other controlled axis can be stored as pictures and recalled at any time. Also defined changes between pictures -the cue- including the neccessary parameters like travelmode, speeds, times and so on can be programmed. Cues can also be generated from a series of pictures. The performances consists of a sequence of cues. This cue list is shown chronologically on the left side of he screen.



Travel Profiles

Travel profiles, or to be more exact time dependent speed profiles, can be specified and stored manually at any time or be recorded by use of the joysticks. Travel profiles can be edited and modified and assigned to any drive or group of drives.

The control system offers many more features like travel effects, remote diagnosis, error messages for the operator, error logs, network connection and so on …

Are you interested? Do you have any more questions? Then talk to us. Convince yourself of the capabilities of our control system by visiting one of our installed systems or by having a look at the demonstartion system in our company in Syke. A demonstration at your location is possible at any time with our mobile demonstration panel.